MogMyGear: the WoW Gear Set Browser for Transmogrification

Are you in the market for a good looking gear set that not everybody has? Are you looking for something else that fits your character better than all those tier sets? Or perhaps you are just wondering what gear is available for players to wear in the World of Warcraft?
Then you've come to the right place.

MogMyGear offers:

  • Browsing through loads of Uncommon, Rare and Epic gear sets available to players.
  • Viewing the gear sets for all race/gender combinations, from three points of view. Use the interface on the left to change the race or gender.

So don't wait and select the class you want to browse!

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Examples of some of the sets we have in store for you:

The above gear sets are amongst your choices. Click a set to view its items, and feel free to post a comment about it. The set browser also displays class-specific sets. Such sets are unobtainable for other classes, but you may be lucky that similar looking gear drops from the associated raid.

If you like MogMyGear or if this website helped you find a cool gear set, please recommend us to your friends!